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We want to visit the castle hill once again. There are other ruins, the middle part, where we have not been yet. We start at the small restaurant up there. We have to spend some money for we buy another coffee-table book of Alanya and Heidi cannot ignore a crochet table cloth, which is exposed for sale.

We toddle down the hill and come to a former caravanserai, which has turned to be a hotel nowadays. We have a look into the inner patio. There are lots of doors leading to small rooms. We dare to do some more steps and find some cellar-arches and the sign "Harem". Seems to be a dining room today. Someone has told us, that under the buildings there are rooms like an underground prison, but no one comes up to show us something of this.

We walk on small paths to the remnants of the middle part of the fortification. There are some more walls than at the upper castle. A girl gives the guide and tells the people about the purpose of the former buildings. The castle was built within the 12/13 th century, but nevertheless they always talk of Kleopatra. This was her bath, that her sleeping room. And from this portal there is a nice outlook to the sea and the beach which is named Kleopatra-Beach. It seems to be true that after the assassination of Julius Caesar 44 BC that Antonius got the leadership of the eastern Roman empire. He married Kleopatra and the country around was the gift to his wife. This did not only enjoy her beach but her folks also lumbered the cedar forests for Egyptian war-ships. This romance ended 30 AC by a defeat and the suicide of the participants. There is nothing said about the 70 years within those dates.

It is possible to climb among the airy pinnacles but I resign for Heidi does not like airy situations. So we observe a Dutch wife which comes down a steep ramp shivering and assisted by her companion. We continue to climb down the hill and finally end at a graveyard and now are alive again.


This is the first day for the beach with rented sun-chairs and umbrellas. We lie in the sun and look at the blue sea. The water is not quite confident, there is some brownish foam. Some youngsters jump from the rocks and just reach the water. Sometimes some boats come along and anchor for a swimm-rest.

So there is nothing more to report of this day. In the evening it is cold and we sit inside and read our Kemal-books with pleasure.


We want to do more for our education and start for this curious shipyard. Left of the Red Tower there is a hole in the wall and a small path leads to the shipyard. And there is a friendly old man who leads us along and shows us the entrance (which we would have found alone as well). Now there are slippery stones and Heidi prefers to stay back. The friendly man gives signs and I follow into the dark underground halls. It is a kind of dry dock with a rising ground to the inside. I succeed to make a photo of the connecting arches within the five halls. The old man pulls me out again on the other side and up a slope to the former production place of the cannons. There is nothing to be seen, but I learn by sign language that the loopholes were used to fire the guns. Interesting, I never would have believed in this. Finally we make a photo of each other.

As I stow away the camera I get my purse in my hands and get the idea to pay a baksheesh for the friendly guidance. Unfortunately there is no loose money available, I only have million-notes (DM 7.50). The old man has some notes in his hands meanwhile and so I think he will change. So I give him a note and am astonished as he continues to sign at my purse. May be I have a dropout, I give him another note awaiting the change money. But he still continues to point to my purse. Now I realize what is happening: he thinks I am a fool and he is right! I cannot get back the money and I won't dare to be thrown down the cliffs. So teet-grinding I follow him back to the shipyard.

My wife sits there in panic. In the meantime there were some strange individuals and bothered her. It was a luck that just then some other tourists came around the corner and the individuals disappeared. We do not know what could have happen, may be we are more fearful than necessary. This was the adventure promised before.

We need a relax and purchase ordinary tickets for an observation of the Red Tower. The cost is just a part of that amount that I just had spent before. We climb up some odd stairs and get at the upper platform. There is the opening of the cistern which is as deep as the tower heigh. They could store the water supply for a total year. Up at the pinnacles there is a nice view, but Heidi prefers to assist a German couple at their photo activities.

In the afternoon we see a curious light effect at the sea. For the cloud cover is thin there are sometimes circled wholes in it and the sun comes through. When the sunbeams hit the sea the waters look like bubbles. And the steam seems ro rise up in the channel. Some say this would be a whirlwind and once upon a time a fisherboat disappeared in it. So they say. At dinner we observe some more of this phenomenon at the horizon and this looks like a sky organ.

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